• Tips for Designing a Pool

    Inground pools are natural gathering places for friends and family. If you are seeking a terrific way to revamp your property and get ready for the warm summer months, you may want to consider working with a company offering pool designs near Houston . With the help of a contractor offering pool maintenance and pool installation, you can create the sleek and stunning pool of your dreams. From a durable gunite pool to a luxury lap pool, the sky is the limit when it comes to planning your swimming pool design. If you have decided that a new pool is right for your property, read on for some essential pool design tips.

    Create Your Budget

    The first step of designing a swimming pool is to work with a contractor to create a budget for your project. Swimming pools can range in design from minimalist and functional to over the top and luxurious. As you are creating your budget, you should think of features, such as landscaping, privacy fences, and water features. In addition, you will need to factor in additional costs, such as the filtration system and maintenance tools.

    Select Your Pool Type

    The second step of designing a pool is determining the type of pool that will be suited for your needs. There are many different types of pools that can be installed on residential properties. When you are seeking a durable pool that integrates seamlessly with your landscaping, you may want to choose a gunite pool or inground pool. Vinyl pools are top choices for budget conscious homeowners.

    Choose Your Accessories

    As you are designing your pool, your pool accessories will allow your style and personality to really shine. There are several different accessories that you may want to consider for your pool. First, you may want to consider installing a diving board on the deep end of your pool. Additionally, fountains, slides, and waterfalls are all top picks for new pool owners.

  • The Basics of Pool Maintenance

    When it comes to pool maintenance in Houston , you will have three basic fundamentals to keep in mind. All pools require proper filtration, circulation, and chemistry. Filtration can be performed by a pool filter, which must be cleaned and changed at routine intervals. In addition, your pool pump may also require regular service. Along with checking your pool filter, you may want to have your pool inspector take a look at your chemistry and pool water levels. A company specializing in inground pools serving Houston can help you choose the pool heaters and pool pumps that are needed to keep your pool happy and healthy. For an overview of the basics of pool maintenance, check out this video from eHowFitness.

  • Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Shape

    Inground pools are essential for homes in the Houston area. With an inground pool installation, you will be able to keep cool and enjoy time with your family and friends during the heat of the summer. A company offering pool designs near Houston will be able to assist you with every step of your new pool installation. From choosing your pool materials to setting up routine pool maintenance , your pool contractor will make sure that every detail is in place for your exciting new pool design. To help you decide what type of pool will fit best on your property, here is an overview of the different types of inground pools.

    Rectangular Pool

    The rectangular pool has been a standard style for many centuries. In fact, rectangular pools can trace their origins back to the Roman era. With a new rectangular pool, you will be able to fit your pool to the dimensions of your lawn and backyard. For those pool owners who plan to swim laps, a rectangular pool is an excellent shape.

    Freeform Pool

    If you would like to be more expressive with your pool design, you may want to create a freeform pool. Unlike a rectangular pool, which has sharp lines and symmetrical angles, a freeform pool can be any shape that you desire. Typically, gunite is used as the base construction material for this type of pool. Since gunite can be poured into any shape or form, it is a great choice for your new pool design.

    L Shaped Pool

    Along with providing you with aquatic exercise and play, your pool may also serve as a central area for outdoor gatherings and other events at your home. To maximize your pool deck space, you might want to consider creating an L shaped pool. L shaped pools are well suited for patios, outdoor kitchens, and other features. Your L shaped pool can also be placed in the corner of your property.