• Where Should Your Pool Go?

    If you’re considering inground pool installation on your Houston property , you’ll need to decide exactly where to place your new swimming pool. Your inground pool must seamlessly integrate into your existing landscaping, and must be installed in an area that is large enough to accommodate your swimming pool design. Here is a simple guide to determining exactly where your new inground pool installation should happen.

    Check Your Local Zoning Regulations

    Your city or state may have zoning regulations that restrict where you can install an inground pool. You can check with the Houston or Harris County zoning office to determine what limits will be placed on your pool installation. In many places, pool installation must occur at least 15-25 feet away from the property line and all structures and buildings. You might also need to obtain a residential inground pool installation permit.

    Consider Your Swimming Pool Design

    Another consideration for the placement of your inground swimming pool is the overall swimming pool design. You should evaluate the pool’s size, shape, and any extra features that might require additional space. For instance, you must take into account the size of your pool’s decking and patio. If you plan on building an outdoor living space, your inground pool will take up even more space. You might also need to allow room to adhere to your local zoning requirements related to the fencing surrounding the pool. Many states do not allow a pool’s surrounding barrier to have any gaps wider than four inches. You may need to plan for additional space around your pool to account for an appropriate pool barrier.

    Evaluate Your Existing Landscaping

    You want your inground pool to complement, not detract from, your existing landscaping. You also don’t want to have to destroy existing landscaping to accommodate your pool installation. Your pool designers can help you find a spot in your yard that will require minimal modification to the surrounding landscape. If you have not yet begun your yard’s landscape design, you can choose your pool’s spot based upon the landscaping elements you plan to incorporate.

  • How to Choose a Pool Builder

    Once you decide to invest in a pool installation or pool renovation, you will need to find a contractor experienced in swimming pool construction in Houston . Your swimming pool construction contractor must be licensed, insured, and experienced in residential swimming pool design and pool installation. You can ask family and friends to recommend swimming pool construction companies that they have worked with successfully.

    Watch this video for some great tips for choosing a pool builder for your residential inground pool installation. You’ll get expert advice from an experienced swimming pool builder on what to look for in a reputable swimming pool designer, builder, and contractor.

  • Picking a Finish for Your Pool

    Renovating your inground swimming pool gives you the opportunity to completely upgrade your swimming pool design in Houston . For instance, you can install a new inground pool finish that will make your inground pool safer and more attractive. Here is a look at some of the most popular pool finishes available for inground pool renovations.

    Swimming Pool Tile
    Swimming pool tile is an incredibly popular pool finishing choice, as it is durable, affordable, and attractive. Your pool contractor can find swimming pool tile in almost any color or pattern to ensure that it matches your overall swimming pool design. Tiles also require very little pool maintenance. You will only need to occasionally clean or re-grout the pool tiles. The ideal swimming pool tile is porcelain tile, as it is dense and doesn’t absorb water. It will also be treated to ensure that it is slip-resistant, frost-proof, and protected from harmful UV rays.

    Pool Plaster
    The oldest pool finishing material for inground pools is pool plaster. Standard white pool plaster is created from white cement, white marble aggregate, and water. Many people choose pool plaster for their pool finishing because it is inexpensive, and will accommodate literally any swimming pool design. White pool plaster also makes pool water have a brilliant, clean, bright blue appearance that is difficult to achieve with other pool finishes. A plaster finish will require regular pool maintenance to prevent cracking, chipping, shading, scaling, or staining. You can also opt for colored or decorative plaster for your pool finish. Pool plaster can also be chemically treated to increase its strength, durability, and lifespan.

    Aggregate Finishing Materials
    You can also turn to aggregate finishing materials to further enhance your swimming pool design. Ceramic aggregate finishes are available in a wide range of both very bright and very subtle colors. Ceramic aggregate is also more durable and wear-resistant than plaster. Aggregate materials can also create the appearance of a natural stone finish, such as river pebbles. Another popular aggregate finishing material is smooth, colored glass beads, which are available in a variety of pigments.

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