• The Steps of Pool Remodeling

    When you remodel your inground pool in Houston , you’ll have the opportunity to enhance the safety of your swimming pool’s design, and reduce your need for swimming pool maintenance. You can work with an experienced swimming pool construction company to upgrade your inground pool’s decking, patio, interior surface, and technology. Here’s a look at a few of the key steps of pool remodeling.

    Replacing or Repairing Your Inground Pool’s Finish

    Over time, your inground pool’s finish may become chipped or worn. This can create a safety hazard, and may also affect the pool’s comfort and energy efficiency. Your swimming pool construction company can work with you to repair or replace your pool’s surface. This may include refinishing a poured concrete finish, replacing pool tiling, cleaning tile grout, or replacing other elements of your pool’s finish. You can also opt to completely replace the finishing and upgrade to a more durable, attractive pool finish, such as river stones, glass beads, or an aggregate pool finish.

    Upgrading Your Pool Patio and Decking

    When your pool patio or decking is damaged, it presents a serious safety hazard to pool users. Damaged pool coping can also increase the chance of water loss from the sides of the pool. You can use your inground pool remodel as a chance to improve your pool patio and decking by utilizing materials that are safer and stronger. The most economical and popular option for pool patios and decking is poured concrete. If you’re interested in a more luxurious decking material, you can consider flagstone, brick, pavers, or natural stone.

    Enhancing Pool Efficiency and Safety

    You can upgrade your pool technology to make your pool more efficient, comfortable, and safe. By installing a pool heater, you can extend the amount of time that you’re able to use your inground pool during the year. Installing an energy-efficient pool filter and pool pump can reduce your energy bills. Elegant pool lights and outdoor lighting will make your pool more attractive, and will draw attention to safety hazards that might otherwise not be present at night.

  • The Use of Chlorine

    Testing and maintaining the appropriate levels of chlorine in your pool water in Houston is a key part of regular swimming pool maintenance. When your inground swimming pool’s chlorine levels are off, your pool may be unsafe to use. Chlorine sanitizes your pool, and prevents dangerous bacteria and unsightly algae from growing in your pool water.

    Watch this video to learn more about the use of chlorine in swimming pool maintenance. When your pool water contains too much chlorine, you may experience severe skin and eye irritation when using your inground swimming pool. You should work closely with a swimming pool maintenance company to ensure that your pool water always has the appropriate levels of chemicals to maintain your inground pool’s beauty and safety.

  • Features to Include with Your New Pool

    If you’re planning a new swimming pool design in Houston , you can choose from a variety of pool design features that will enhance your inground pool’s beauty, comfort, and functionality. When working with your swimming pool construction company, you can discuss incorporating pool lights, outdoor lighting, pool heaters, fire pits, pool slides, and water features into your pool’s design. Here is a look at some key features to include in your new inground swimming pool design.

    Pool Lights and Outdoor Lighting

    One of the most important elements in swimming pool design is effective pool lighting. Pool lights not only make your pool more attractive and functional when swimming at night, but they also enhance your pool’s safety. This is particularly important if you have young children in your household. Outdoor lighting is also key to maintain a safe outdoor living space and pool area. It can highlight important elements of your pool design, and draw attention to patio and pool deck hazards.

    Fire Pits and Water Features

    Fire pits and water features can make your inground swimming pool much more elegant and sophisticated. You can ask your swimming pool construction company to build waterfalls, a spa or hot tub, pool slides, and beautiful natural rock and water formations in your pool. Fire pits will enhance the ambience of your pool and outdoor living space, and will make the area more comforting and inviting. You should also consider installing a pool heater so that you can use your pool comfortably year-round and get the most out of your pool installation.

    Outdoor Living Spaces

    A new pool installation is the perfect opportunity to create a luxurious outdoor living space in your backyard. You can extend your pool patio so that it has room for a fire pit, outdoor seating, and even an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining guests around your inground pool, and incorporating food and drink into your pool festivities. A fire pit and pool heater will even allow you to use the space in chillier weather.

  • Determining the Size of Your Swimming Pool

    Before you hire a contractor for your pool installation, you need to determine the size for your new inground pool in Houston . The size of your inground pool will depend upon your pool installation budget, your swimming pool design, the size and shape of your yard, and the primary use for the pool. You might also need to check your local city or county building codes to determine if there are any zoning restrictions on the size of residential inground pool installations.

    The larger your swimming pool budget, the larger your new inground swimming pool can be. If your swimming pool design incorporates water features, a pool slide, a hot tub or spa, or an outdoor living space and patio, then your swimming pool will need to be larger in order to accommodate these extra features.

    If your yard is small or has lush existing landscaping, you may need to limit the size of your inground pool. If you plan on using your pool for exercising, you will need to install a larger pool. If your pool is primarily going to be a place of relaxation, you can opt for a smaller pool.