Different Options for Swimming Pool Styles

Swimming pool designs are almost as limitless as a person’s imagination. With today’s technology in making in-ground pools, many pool construction companies can build whatever design you can think up. Here are some of the most popular options you will find during your swimming pool construction near Houston:


Every year, swimming pool design is becoming more innovative and technologically advanced. With infinity pools, natural pools, and so many more designs becoming more popular, every homeowner has their pick of the perfect pool to place in their backyard. Typically, modern pools are designed with clean lines and hard, geometric shapes. Often, a hot tub or spa will be built within the pool to take advantage of space and keep the shape consistent.


Many homeowners are recreating tropical oases in their backyards. With tall palm trees, large rocks, and glistening waterfalls, tropical pools are a very popular addition to any backyard. Often, the pool will be tiled with deep blues and some sort of ocean creature or design on the sides or pool floor.

Also, some homeowners go far enough to create a “beach-entry” swimming pool. With a slowly sloping floor, and no steps, these pools are created with the essence of the beach in mind.


One of the most common pool styles found would be the classic, or traditional, pool. These pools are made from gunite material, and they usually come in a kidney or rectangular shape. Depending on your location, you can find paving stones, bricks, or stucco to make up the pool deck.


The Mediterranean style of pool design has been around for thousands of years, and it is still as popular today as it was then. Columns, large paving stones, and decorative mosaics will adorn a pool and its deck to create this new vacation spot located right in the backyard. In addition to columns, Mediterranean pools might have luxurious archways, statues, and clean white and blue walls surrounding them.

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