How Swimming Benefits You

Most people realize that inground pools in Houston can be fun and refreshing backyard elements. While regular swimmers know that getting in the pool water can provide a vigorous and calorie-burning workout, many people still think of swimming as an ineffective form of exercise. Here are a few good reasons to use your backyard inground pool for more than just play:

Improved Heart Health

Most types of exercise can offer improved overall fitness and cardiovascular conditioning, but these benefits are usually unattainable at a beginner’s level. On the other hand, swimming consistently and with good technique can immediately begin to improve your heart health and boost your cardio performance. Incorporating swimming as part of your cross-training regimen can also help improve your overall athletic performance.

Increased Strength and Endurance

In addition to better cardiovascular capacity, swimming promotes core body strength because it requires whole-body movement. Standard swimming strokes mostly develop upper body strength, but using a kickboard offers an excellent abdominal and leg workout. One of the best benefits that athletes can gain from swimming is a low-impact training session. Activities like running, weight lifting, and basketball can all take a significant toll on your body’s joints, muscles, and tendons, so consider adding swimming into your training routine to give your body a break from the rigors of other exercises.

Faster Weight Loss

Most people can burn more calories with swimming than they can with other activities because with proper technique, swimming can be sustained longer and lead to lengthier workout periods. As long as you push yourself and get your heart rate up, swimming can provide an excellent fat-burning workout. Swimming also helps build leaner, longer muscles that can boost your metabolism to burn calories for longer after your workout. An added benefit of swimming for exercise is that wearing a swimsuit in public can provide strong motivation to get the most out of your workout. Whether you use your backyard inground pool or swim laps at your local gym, swimming is a valuable exercise that can benefit your overall health and fitness.

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