Maintenance Services from Preferred Pools of Houston

Inground pools are a fantastic addition to your backyard, but they do require some upkeep. If you’re struggling with pool maintenance in Houston , why not leave it to the professionals? Besides providing expert pool installation, Preferred Pools of Houston can also take care of your swimming pool maintenance needs whether we built your pool or if it came with your home.

Our professional pool services include pool heater, pump, and filter installation, as well as pool inspections and vacuuming, and weekly pool maintenance. When you choose Preferred Pools of Houston for your pool services, you can select from a variety of features including thorough cleanings, water testing, chemical maintenance, manual vacuuming, and pool heater maintenance.

Preferred Pools of Houston is a locally owned and operated company with more than 20 years of experience in quality swimming pool upkeep and construction. For pool owners without the time for weekly maintenance, our team has the tools and knowledge to keep your pool clean, safe, and beautiful.

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