How to Enhance Your Swimming Pool

There are so many ways to enhance your swimming pool design to create a more useful and beautiful space. Once your pool builder is able to see your available space, he can help you decide which features would look best next to your pool. From various water features to creating an outdoor living space near Houston , there are plenty of design ideas to enhance your pool.

Outdoor Kitchen

As summer approaches, barbecue parties and late-night swim sessions become more frequent. Why not combine these two social activities with state-of-the-art equipment and seating areas that will truly impress your guests? Create an outdoor kitchen with a grill, fire pit, and built-in seating as part of your hardscape features. With your second kitchen right next to your swimming pool, you can throw some hamburgers on the grill and then jump in the pool for a quick dip. Your guests can easily finish a game of volleyball in the pool and be at your table within seconds. The best of these summer staples will be at your fingertips with your new outdoor kitchen.

Water Features

One of the best ways to enhance your swimming pool oasis is with the addition of water features. Water features typically include waterfalls, fountains, and slides. These features can be built into your swimming pool design, or they can enhance the entire area by being situated on the pool deck. Whatever your choice, consult your pool builder on the best way to achieve your dream.

Versatile Shade

As refreshing as in-ground pools can be, the sun can still be a problem at times. For those laying out on the pool deck and those still swimming, install a large shade structure around or over the pool. Many shade structures can be moved or taken down in a few short steps. When you need to block the sun as it is moving, or you simply want to increase sunshine, you can easily move your installed shade structure.

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