• Maintenance Services from Preferred Pools of Houston

    Inground pools are a fantastic addition to your backyard, but they do require some upkeep. If you’re struggling with pool maintenance in Houston , why not leave it to the professionals? Besides providing expert pool installation, Preferred Pools of Houston can also take care of your swimming pool maintenance needs whether we built your pool or if it came with your home.

    Our professional pool services include pool heater, pump, and filter installation, as well as pool inspections and vacuuming, and weekly pool maintenance. When you choose Preferred Pools of Houston for your pool services, you can select from a variety of features including thorough cleanings, water testing, chemical maintenance, manual vacuuming, and pool heater maintenance.

    Preferred Pools of Houston is a locally owned and operated company with more than 20 years of experience in quality swimming pool upkeep and construction. For pool owners without the time for weekly maintenance, our team has the tools and knowledge to keep your pool clean, safe, and beautiful.

  • Great Reasons to Get a Pool

    If you’ve been thinking about a change to your home, look no further than swimming pool designs in Houston. When you install an in-ground pool, you’ll wonder how you and your family ever lived without that cool pool water in your backyard. Here are the top reasons to start shopping for beautiful new pool designs.

    Easy Access to Exercise

    When you have to trudge to the gym every day to get a workout, it can be tough to find the motivation to go at all. Why not bring the best part of the gym to your backyard? Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, especially if you want to create lean and long muscles. If your gym is only a few feet away, you’re more likely to actually complete your exercise, and you’ll have a great time in the process. No more getting sweaty and super sore after lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Just jump in that beautiful pool water, and start swimming laps.

    Great Party Centerpiece

    A beautiful swimming pool design is a great conversation-starter around your outdoor kitchen. When everyone comes over for a barbecue or birthday party, they’ll want to jump right in and start swimming and playing. Swimming pools are great for the entire family, from the little ones learning to swim all the way to the adults who are young-at-heart. Install or remodel your swimming pool design, and you’ll never have a boring party.

    Added Home Value

    One of the biggest advantages to investing in a pool is the increase in your home value. Not only will the value of your family’s life increase, but the return when you sell your home should increase, as well. Homebuyers are often looking for homes they don’t have to fix up or add amenities to in order to get what they want. If you’re selling your home with an installed in-ground pool, then you already have the greatest amenity ready and waiting.

  • Features to Include with Your New Pool

    If you’re planning a new swimming pool design in Houston , you can choose from a variety of pool design features that will enhance your inground pool’s beauty, comfort, and functionality. When working with your swimming pool construction company, you can discuss incorporating pool lights, outdoor lighting, pool heaters, fire pits, pool slides, and water features into your pool’s design. Here is a look at some key features to include in your new inground swimming pool design.

    Pool Lights and Outdoor Lighting

    One of the most important elements in swimming pool design is effective pool lighting. Pool lights not only make your pool more attractive and functional when swimming at night, but they also enhance your pool’s safety. This is particularly important if you have young children in your household. Outdoor lighting is also key to maintain a safe outdoor living space and pool area. It can highlight important elements of your pool design, and draw attention to patio and pool deck hazards.

    Fire Pits and Water Features

    Fire pits and water features can make your inground swimming pool much more elegant and sophisticated. You can ask your swimming pool construction company to build waterfalls, a spa or hot tub, pool slides, and beautiful natural rock and water formations in your pool. Fire pits will enhance the ambience of your pool and outdoor living space, and will make the area more comforting and inviting. You should also consider installing a pool heater so that you can use your pool comfortably year-round and get the most out of your pool installation.

    Outdoor Living Spaces

    A new pool installation is the perfect opportunity to create a luxurious outdoor living space in your backyard. You can extend your pool patio so that it has room for a fire pit, outdoor seating, and even an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining guests around your inground pool, and incorporating food and drink into your pool festivities. A fire pit and pool heater will even allow you to use the space in chillier weather.

  • How to Choose a Pool Builder

    Once you decide to invest in a pool installation or pool renovation, you will need to find a contractor experienced in swimming pool construction in Houston . Your swimming pool construction contractor must be licensed, insured, and experienced in residential swimming pool design and pool installation. You can ask family and friends to recommend swimming pool construction companies that they have worked with successfully.

    Watch this video for some great tips for choosing a pool builder for your residential inground pool installation. You’ll get expert advice from an experienced swimming pool builder on what to look for in a reputable swimming pool designer, builder, and contractor.